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What is a Limiting Belief ?

Limiting beliefs can be described as negative beliefs that we hold about ourselves and other people. Our limiting beliefs create internal mental chatter which is self-deprecating and imposes limitations on what we allow ourselves to do. In other words, they hold us back and restrict our lives.

self limiting cartoon

Stress, anxiety, a lack of confidence and even depression can evolve from these limiting belief ‘mind tapes’ that play over and over in our heads, and form a habitual way of negative thinking.

Any time that you have adopted or accepted a limiting belief such as ‘I’m not good enough’ or ‘I’m too fat’, you made a limiting decision before that belief became real for you. In other words, you chose to believe something was true. This will continue to remain a reality for you until you challenge this way of thinking.


Why should I change my self-limiting beliefs?

By changing your self-limiting beliefs and becoming more aware of your behaviour and how you project yourself to others, you will be removing one of the major obstacles in your way to transforming yourself into the person that you aspire and want to be. Self-confidence can be built by simply changing your beliefs about your abilities, skills, and full potential.


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