Finding Your Way Back to YOU: A self-help book for women who want to regain their Mojo and realise their dreams! 

Lynne Saint

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Are you at a crossroads in life, lacking in motivation, looking for a new direction or just plain 壮tuck?

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Finding your Way back to YOU is a focused and concise resource written specifically for women who have found themselves in any of the positions above.

The good news is that you already have all of the resources you need to solve your own problems; this practical book helps you remove the barriers that prevent this from happening.

Designed as a practical book with an accompanying downloadable journal and weblinked exercises, Finding Your Way Back to YOU is an inspiring book that introduces Neuro- Linguistic Programming, and Cognitive Behavioural Therapy techniques for change that are particularly valuable within the coaching context.

Post It Note

> Recognise Who and What is holding you back

> Make a commitment to yourself and your future

> Boost your self-confidence and self-esteem

> Identify and Challenge your limiting beliefs

> Regain your life balance

> Supercharge your self-image

> Get motivated... Achieve your life goals


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3. Rediscover the Real You through Lynne's Guided Exercises



"Finding Your Way Back to You by Lynne Saint is a very special little book. Very. It takes real talent to pack so much information, motivation, and inspiration into a mere 141 pages. One way or another, just get your hands on Finding Your Way Back to You! This is the sort of book you値l pass around to every female you know. I can稚 wait for my daughters to read it I think it値l keep them from ever 斗osing any part of themselves." Self Help Daily

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About The Author

Lynne Saint

Lynne Saint is an experienced life coach, NLP Practitioner and Hypnotherapist. Her blend of straight-talking, focused daily exercises, reflections, and 閃E time, will help you to change your behaviour, and motivate and support yourself throughout your personal journey of self discovery.


Table of Contents


Chapter 1 Getting Motivated Towards YOU

Chapter 2 Getting Rid of the Old Stuff

Chapter 3 Reality Check, where are you now?

Chapter 4 Getting to YOU

Chapter 5 Creating the Real YOU

Chapter 6 Keeping it Real YOU Maintenance

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ISBN: 978-0-9570511-5-7 | 18 June 2012 | Print: 」9.99 | 156 Pages | Kindle and iBooks


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